I am Luigi Frettoloso, an italian hybrid designer.

about me

"I have an degree in visual/interaction design and I have always been interested in traditional publishing, in automotive and UX\UI design. I have always been interested in how new technologies evolve in the digital era and in the future. I like being involved in the different stages of the creative process, including concept generation and user research where I can give space to creativity and new ideas in teamwork. I am passionate about designing services, user interfaces and interactions and I like to test different projects using rapid prototyping tools."

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Pronunciation App

Which word is the hardest for YOU to pronounce?

Interaction Service Design UX/UI

Liquid space

An application to manage, organize, and personalize your study method.

Interaction UX/UI


A device to transform a cell into somewhere in which a prisoner can feel comfortable and not being isolated.

Interaction Physical Computing

Absolut pitch

A guitar course that make you learn not only your favorite style, but the real song you’re looking for.

Interaction Visual

Un processo creativo

aims to open a window on the complex issues related to the discipline of interaction design.



A application whose aim is to make visible these invisible changes.

Interaction Visual

Lemon book

A report to describe the project lemon car.

Editorial Automotive Service Design