Fade out in a click

Theories and Techniques Of Representation, IUAV University
Massimiliano Ciammaichella
Date: 2012


The aim of the animation is to bring out what hypothetically could happen within a computer hardware system, such as the router, from a point of view of a so called "NERD" who is discouraged by the absence of what is most precious to him, namely the Internet. All this takes place in a futuristic setting, where computer data are transformed into geometric shapes and abstract sounds incorporated into a landscape of architectures and pulsating lights. The elements that populate this scenario increase more and more up to the point where it is difficult to move among many elements. This situation becomes increasingly critical, so that it causes a series of many small explosions until the destruction of the entire dimension. The whole explosion conveys directly into the cable connected to the computer of the main character. At the end, since we are no longer in the virtual world, the character becomes angry with the router.