Absolute Pitch

Iuav, University of Venice
Susanne Stage and Stanley Wood, from Spotify
Date: January 2013
TeamWork: L. Bottello, L. Frettoloso, D. Gui, V. Sanguin

Absolute Pitch is a customizable guitar course that make you learn not only your favorite style, but the real song you’re looking for!

The Jazz. This section allows to remain continuously updated through the web radio or podcasts to their favorite music and take inspiration from weekly song selections, vote for your favorite song and follow the custom-made podcasts. In this project I focused on concept development, defining the style tile and the graphic proposals until the final solution.

During the workshop, we were devided in teams to create concepts and storyboards for a radio podcast app, each group working on a specific category.Then each one worked on his own on a subcategory creating a specific visual style. After we have created a common storyboard for the category, I decided to focus on Jazz subcategory.

For my solution I was inspired by old Jazz posters so I choose old-style fonts combined to a sans-serif one. For the same reason the color of my brand is  yellow and black.