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Laboratory of Graphic Communication 1, IUAV University
Leonardo Sonnoli
Date: 2011
TeamWork: L. Frettoloso, G. GiampietroA. ImparatoI. PisantiF. Totaro


The book tells the stories of five Drag Queen. Telling this hobby/work is still difficult because there are so many prejudices, so we tried to make them disappear by removing the words that lead back to it, leaving free imagination to the reader. At the end of the book there are the complete interviews. In the photos there are the cover of the book and a particular of the text: the words have been replaced with red numbers.

My Role

I have contributed to the development of the concept worked with Gabriella Giampietro and Adelaide Imparato. With the team I worked for graphic proposals, printing tests, cover design and choice of paper being used for the final edition.