Course Multimedia Design, S.U.N. University
Daniela Piscitelli
Date: 2010
TeamWork: U. Basilica, A. Caravelli, F. Carbone, C. Costantini, T. D’Arienzo, G. De Luca, G. Esposito, L. Frettoloso , M. Perna, I. Pugliese, L. Saccenti, M. Setola, M. Viola

Interaction Physical Computing

The work focuses on ability to use raw and re-use materials, because after every natural disaster (the context is L'Aquila earthquake in 2009) it is an "element" always present. This element allows you to create a conceptual action of re-use decontextualization. In this way it becomes a system of urban signage where the font is created through the use of waste materials and it facilitates the reading process, as the distance of the viewer from it becomes higher. The idea is to create not only the grid, but also a specimen, where all the characters in the font are related to numerical data and the sample paper defines automatically the distance between each letter. These two elements can be downloaded by the user from the site of the event, and easily printed with a common printer format.

My Role

I worked together with Mariano Viola on the development of the concept. Always together with him and Tyron D'Arienzo we designed the typography. I then developed the poster for the project.