Hermann Nitsch

The Art Contemporary Voices event in Naples
Vincenzo Trione
Date: 2008
TeamWork: U. Basilica, T. D’arienzo, G. De Luca, L. Frettoloso

Video Editorial

This video documentary is a journey facing a visit with the art of Hermann Nitsch. The work follows the aesthetic of violence and blood typical of the artist's works, as an 'observer of a strong sense of loss, discomfort' (after an analysis of the Nitsch's philosophy). The main idea is to discover the museum through the visitor 'eyes' and the direct impact with the "wreckage" of his works. Through this experience we focused on the process of overcoming the "fear" and tension related to the suggestion around the various theatrical elements used by the Viennese artist (animal blood, bloody scenes of naked Dionysian rites, etc.).

My Role

In the creation of this video, I contributed to the creation of the script in teamwork. For the design of the video, I was the director of photography, cameramen, and with Giuseppe De Luca I designed the final booklet of the video.