Laboratory of Interaction Design, IUAV University
Gillian Crampton Smith and Philip Tabor
Date: 2012
TeamWork: L. Frettoloso, O. Giau, A. Micco, V. Sanguin

Interaction Visual

Everybody knows Venice for its large scale flows and movements: high water, cruise lines, crowds of people. But every second, under the surface of the city, a thousand millimetric movements are taking place. The city and its lagoon move and change shape constantly, unnoticed by passers-by.

Millimography is a smartphone application whose aim is to make visible these invisible changes, allowing residents and visitors to inhabit the city in a new and more informed way.

The main feature of Millimography is the physical experience it offers by using the whole body to perform actions. The application consists of three different parts: map, level tool and altimeter tool. The level tool allows people to measure the inclination of walls and ground around the city. Insted the altimeter tool shows how the ground level of the city is sinking in the lagoon.

Millimography prototype was developed in Processing and exported directly onto an Android device. While prototyping, we decided to focus on specific aspects of the project, such as a consistent and functional screen navigation, gesture interactions and sound feedback.

My Role

During the research phase I found information about the different types of sensors and measurement technologies linked to our concept. I also focused on existing projects, to make our application more interesting. I contributed to the design process with discussions and suggestions about which was the best graphic solution: I was interested in particular in reducing the complexity of interactions, especially with regard to navigation and the level tool. In the programming phase I organized the structure and the navigation of the application; with Ornella I collated the different sketches into a whole project. Then I created the draw-down blinds and the small animations related to touch interactions. With Andrea, finally, I put together the sound feedback associated with our tools.

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