Un processo creativo

Interaction Design Theory 1 course, IUAV University
Gillian Crampton Smith and Philip Tabor
Date: 2013

Interaction Editorial

This work aims to open a window on the complex issues related to the discipline of interaction design, providing methods for proper design planning, facilitating the relationship between the end user and things we constantly interact with. Interaction design is a wide discipline, contained in many other areas, including the sphere of language, computer science, psychology, sociology, and communication design. Today we always interact with different tools and things and we want to use them to achieve our goals. For this reason, following a design right method of creative process these connections and communications become much easier and faster. This work was structured focusing on macro aspects of interaction design, analyzing the method, the creative process from early stages, basing on the statement: «Designing The Right Thing, Designing The Thing Right». I developed the idea of ​​the whole booklet structure, designing entirely all the graphic composition. Then I thought about the construction of the layout. Contents and iconographic part were both designed and created by me.